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Comes from the yomiuri so that's a long time ago and a lot of those a lot of those cars and bikes probably have already gone to the graveyard anyway that's a look at the media rush to you thanks very much indeed that right let's get to our next guest joan the phone by enrico the alvarez alvarez who is chief risk office it avery partners thank you very much indeed for joining us good to hear from your as usual okay oil prices what are we going to the moment just a shade below sixty nine bucks the barrel it did seem for a long long time we're talking over a year a year that sixty four sixty five was the absence of seating for oil prices could shale kicked in what has changed the game great extended rally station that the the the world economy was doing better than thought and that the modest rice and rates have had very little impact on on economic activity i mean data aggregate them to surprise the to the upside and i think that the market realized that perhaps north of sixty was a better level to balance supply plan demand that what we had before in day fifty to sixty range eight minutes before the top of the hour in riquet we'll get back to you in just a moment i'm bryan curtis along with rashad salama focused on futures brought to you by interactive brokers cme group if you're looking for global futures contracts with low trading costs look no further interactive brokers is the industry leader learn more at ib k r dot com slash cme futures well speaking.

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