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Oh my God. The pizza was it was. It was a blow. Yeah. I remember I remember. That was his whole speculation that like. Oh, they! They poisoned him. They actually gave him food poisoning. I never thought I'd see. Oliver turned into Chris Farley, snl talking to Paul, McCartney like. About his time in the Beatles like remember that time when you guys saying let it. Stupid? No, but I was saying that's the greatest playoff series I think I've ever seen it was. It was just phenomenal. The whole thing was just another level for me. Just incredible. I know, listen here's. What go go, go go much DADS exist. Exact quote about poker was the poker's about perseverance and that I think describes you. You've gone from somebody who started at nineteen while at USC and I have a twenty year old at USC in air quotes because we're not really at school. But being GM of a team to now basically forty years later as an executive in sports you've gone from. A female executive sports to take the female part out of it stop anymore. You're just a long standing executive in professional sports now and that you know that would make your dad so proud and the decisions that you've made in restoring the Lakers and let's hope that we all get back to basketball and and the twenty twenty season, so you can finish what you started this year, but I just have feeling that your dad would be proud of the decisiveness with which you've run these last few years here building toward this time so i. hope you take some. Some peace and some solace from that knowing that you're doing his name and his work proud. Yes and then to finish it off though you've got to answer. The second half of that question is what is there. What does that thing about your dad that you wish you just did not have whether it. Be You know patients or whatever that? That bus trait you're like. Oh? I know sweet to like I. Oh, Gosh Handy. Bad. and that's like everybody talked about his sweet. You have the bowl was skills in. You know milk duds red vines. On stuff at a game. Too? Well good well, thank you, Jeanie! This has been like super special for me. Joe Thank you for listening to me, get all ACRI. No I just it's great. I. AM So excited and then I know I'm gonNA. Talk to my sister. We're going to get this whole thing going, you know. Thank you for your time and I feel I. Think earpiece. Thank.

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