Kathleen Blanco, Texas, President Trump discussed on WSJ Opinion: Potomac Watch - Houston's Recovery; Trump's Tax Reform


Uh did not reach out quickly enough kathleen blanco and fema didn't arrive on the scene until you know four or five days after the flood came and it was too late to help down in texas we had instead the the president of the united states donald trump signed an emergency federal declaration fema was on the ground operating with a full team 48 hours before herbie ever made lampl that has made all the difference so we should in some way be celebrating that bureaucracy actually learned something from the failures ra and james you'd say one of the of the things it's going to be telling is not just the response to the emergency in evacuating people but rebuilding and i think our guests is that the same thing that people are deriding about houston the lack of zoning the um low regulation mo taxes that's gonna make it a lot easier for them to recover much more quickly right rather than getting bogged down as as has happened in other uh in other areas well we've seen this brazilian senna i think it also was just watching what people have been able to do on their own without the government direction without government management ottawa give our congress pause before the uh uh simply start does spending money the uh the uh we're seeing private uncoordinated decentralised activity very effective getting assistance to the people who need it when they need it in the places they needed and and i think uh that's a that's a lesson i i'm not counting on it because i think now the uh the impulses to spend spend spend but i i think uh you would hope by some members of congress might say you know maybe a maybe some good things will happen if the federal government just kind of stays out of the way maybe will learn from texas were talking about uh the flood in houston in you're listening to potomac watch from the wall street journal.

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