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That. Wow, I? Bet You stupid. Happy to have him granddaughter grandson daughter Amy Zimmerman Shoutout. Are there you go? That's what it's all about. That was telling me something good. Over to amy out with the morning, Corny! Rock. Morning, corny. Telephone proposed to his girlfriend how the telephone proposed to his girlfriend gave her a ring. That was. Morning Gordon. What's up with your dad? Well, I told you all that. One of the caregivers on his floor tested positive for coronavirus, which still doesn't this by the way, and are they keeping everyone in their rooms at the assisted living center? They pretty much are i. don't know what it's. GonNa like every Saturday. We've been able. We make an appointment. They have to schedule an appointment 'cause they don't want people piling. Piling on top of each other, they won't have enough time between each resident, and then people on the outside, and he comes down on this little window and sits in a chair, and then we sit on the outside, and we get to talk to him, and we've been doing ten am every Saturday which has been great, but that's the only time he leaves his room. And, then unless he schedules a walk, but it can't even be with me. It has to be someone that works there, but a caregiver. Honest floor did test positive for coronavirus virus and they called us to tell us. They said they would just be monitoring symptoms, but then I just got an email that they will be doing tests and we want him to have one. I had to sign the paperwork, so I signed it, so he's GonNa. Get tested on. They said it'll get administered Monday or Tuesday. For him, I assume so I. Don't know any other way I was like. Oh, this is really going to bother him a lot. He doesn't know yet. He doesn't know he I think he'll just think he's getting tested. I don't I. DON'T WANNA. Tell Him. This too much anxiety when this first happened and he had to pull, he pulled his feeding tube out, and he had to go to the hospital and he was so terrified that he was going to catch it. And then the anxiety he had. Mentally. especially with. Elderly people and when people have other health issues, it's such a concern and we need to keep him in a positive frame line frame, so not sold own them because i. don't need all. We've got. Yes, if he does I, mean Yeah I. Don't one of my mind is not even going there. He's negative. He's going to test negative. We're just doing what we need to do to make sure. But yeah I mean. My stomach dropped him. We got the phone call, but I'm still remaining positive. Because yeah, I don't know will. Want to think about it what we're going to do in a second is the question is what's something most people that have done that you haven't done. Think about that for a second. Oh. Okay, I got one like. Some of the was. Gone another country. Baked I never laughed? Yeah. Question is what's something most people your age have done that you haven't done. I'LL GO I. I have ever smoked or drank. Alcohol think most people. He's had a beer the big one. I've never smoked anything. Yeah, so I'm going to go. have it smoke or drink anything ever? I'm pretty straight edge. And the straight edge live. That's me, amy you. Never been pregnant. That's bouquet. That's a good one eight. Nine years yeah, most people I know of. Carried a baby. At this stage and know I have no idea what that feels like. ME. To women obviously, I'm going to go with skydiving I feel like. I'm not here to jump on your. Terrible why? Guys. Good example, most people have gone sky. But in this room. We have the question move. You're taking a survey of this room. Compared to the world. Guys. You all have guns now day, Morgan. You've been skydiving. Raymond skydiving got having not even thought about Steverman skydiving. Okay. Okay, sorry, come up with something new any most people have done for example. If I said Hey, I've never had alcohol. Who all here's that alcohol? Right? You want to. Give me a minute. Okay, okay I got one. I may have said this before I've never broken a bone. Okay, pretty good never broken a bone. To though. MOCHA but I think that's. Okay like one time we did this I was like. Gain. Seen It. Never murdered anyone never to jail. Okay. I have never tasted coffee. In my life never sipped it never I've smelt it, but that's it never touched my lips. That's crazy I mean until a year and a half Eddie added either. Wow that's that's crazy because people drink coffee every day every morning I. still don't like it. I mean I got sucked into it a dancing with the stars because it was the only thing drink and I was exhausted all the time. But yes, really rare something else you eight, right? There's another few comber. That's the one. He's never had. Pickles? It's not it's totally different. Cucumber is a cucumber pickled. Guys when you go to the store, you don't go and buy acute you buy. Cucumber and put it in a jar and. It? Is A hotdog a sandwich. Basically, what we're talking about exactly right, okay. lunchboxes never tasted coffee or Cucumbers. Hey Morgan number two. What about you younger than us? Well mine would be of never had a stake. That's a good one. Okay, WOW! You meet at what age. Up until I was eight, but I only have like a hamburger or something like that. Never tasted. Never try to stay. Would you eat estate? For any amount of money. Oh I like this I'm not try it like a bite of steak or like two hundred dollars. That's. Don't don't do that. Never go. That's it go. That's a lot about one hundred, and then you work it back. You know. Raymond. Audio producer bought a house. I've been always renting. It's kind of my style. My Big Rent Guy. Proud of that. Raimondo the guy. Yeah, that's good though but I. Think in how how old are you? Thirty four okay, but after the wedding, honestly, we're GONNA get a plot of land and then bill deal house. There you go and we'll put it up on facebook. Guys can ride on there something that most people your age have. There's not a wrong answer except skydives. Houses closed that you can get to a wrong answer there. All right thank you. Going over to Morgan number, two or head of digital. She loves food so much so that she created a segment about it. It's time for food world. With Morgan number to cracker barrel is test seen beer and wine at some of its stores in Yes mimosas are being offered, and they're coming in into flavors, orange and strawberry and I cannot tell you how excited I am about this now i. don't know what most tastes like, but I would hope that have cracker barrel. We're going to create a signature drink. That would be like a chicken fried steak Mimosa with like a big state coming out. You know how they have those drinks with all the olives coming out and like why could they not put? A piece of chicken Fried Chicken in that thing? Well those are bloody Marys. Could. Go well. That could definitely be a thing that comes Goma drinks mixed up all right. We don't drink. It's OK. Aren't they both red? mimosas, our champagne mixed with orange juice typically. Oh! What has tomato juice it bloody Mary. Vodka or other liquors I'm completely loss. Okay, but we have found out. Cracker barrel is testing beer and.

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