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Primetime tonight at lambofield pre game programming should be underway with opening drive around four o'clock this afternoon after brewers baseball, and we'll continue to cover both teams throughout the day here on WTMJ as far as the weather goes for both of those events in Wisconsin. They couldn't be better mostly sunny breezy today with a high of sixty eight degrees. Perfect football baseball weather here at WTMJ. All right. Let's take a look now at the WTMJ sports update itself. First of all going to talk about geo Gonzales having a great night. He makes a big splash pitching. Broers to way four to three win over the giants. Gonzales goes five and two thirds innings allowing just one unearned run swinging away on base, and there was no behind in the count really rhythm to the game on this change. That was very good fastball. In was very good. There was a lot of good stuff. And then he he uses curveball sprinkled magic Craig counsel as good. As Gonzales says, he's more interested in giving his teammates credit starting with his catcher. Many did a great job. Defense was incredible everybody offense, obviously, it was just incredible phenomenal much of the brewers. Offense is result of home runs. Hit by Travis. Shawn Christian yelich both hitting their twenty eighth of the year at Miller park map. Paulie, WTMJ sports. Sweet. Was this was that victory at Miller park last night. We'll let Bob euchre do the call on that. Here's the one old delivery. And that one is indeed. Final score four to three the crew. The crew looking for a series sweet this afternoon at Miller park. Zach Davis great to have him back in the rotation. He starts with the brewers looking for his third win of the season. Madison. Baumgartner goes for the giants game day coverage. Of course, getting underway at twelve thirty five right here on WTMJ in other National League central division action. The cubs the nationals play to in Washington yesterday. The cups losing both the opener. They lost ten to three in the nightcap. The national six the cubs five. Elsewhere Cincinnati defeating San Diego by a score of seven two. It was Pittsburgh five Miami one Detroit defeating Saint Louis by a score of forty three. College football as expected the badgers were too much for the New Mexico. Lobos yesterday. At camp Randall Wisconsin's offense started out slowly. But once it got Aguirre was a well oiled machine winning forty five to fourteen.

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