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Hmm bulb has that chrome. Larry, David Archer. What's happening. I'm not gonna lie to you. Things have gotten interesting. I did not call northwestern mutual. I'm so sorry. All the sex line. Did you just dial gentleman who's wearing quote, unquote. His number dial. A hilarious character. I want to get back to. Hey, buddy. Really. Sex line to love line. To you. This is healing my broken heart. I always wanted to do just to say, I love you. How's your Hypo famous. Pretty good, actually getting bigger. Yeah, it looks like you have a huge Boehner right now, like the one that's coming out of it looks like you have a huge Boehner. How big are are we talking. we talking. To him. I mean. Questioning wondering, I was I was out here in huge, huge to him and for I get what you throwing down in scotch. Wait, what's your name? You start Scott, Scott? Yeah. Look at me, wink. Oh, thank you for saying week as well. Hey, how are you? I'm leaving. Okay. Oh, wow. Okay. Outta my main job what you mean job. I'm a Bank teller. Oh, well, can I. Withdraws a cover it all. That's my catchphrase oh, I would be honest. I would love to make a deposit withdraw. Yeah, yeah, I do. I quit my job. I'm sticking. Geno get your number. I don't know. No, I called a assumed the service one eight hundred six nine six nine six six nine.

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