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So question, I always have reading about this is like, what do we know about who to incentivize are? Right. Because to me like, I don't know. I'm like, I'm like a little too old for a lot of this like internet stuff. And so to me like, okay, you have a time in your life. You're like young, man. Maybe not the best looking person you've ever met. Maybe not the smoothest operator. You spent some years feeling kind of frustrated. Okay. Like within that seems like that could apply to a very broad set of people. I it's broader than you'd think actually we don't have scientific studies because in cells do not like talking to people who are outside of basis rate like when I made a used my ready to count to try to ask for interview subjects on one of the insults threats. I got banned within an hour because they hate journal. Oh so much. Nobody. I mean like there's like there's the condition of like. I'm a man who would like to be having sex. But I am not. Yeah. Currently, right involuntarily. And celebrate and you would think of that as like, okay? Like a lot of high school kids. Right. Right. And then like some people owner so forth, but like a kind of a state of being that I think a lot of people would pass through through some point in their life, and then kind of work their way out of and probably never think of as like an identity or self ascriptin. You know what I mean? It's like you're sitting there year in high school, you're like trying to figure things out. You're listening to weird music. You know, you'll into angry shit. I don't know. Maybe you use the internet or not right versus like involuntary celebrate as like your labeling like a life state, right? Like is that rather than a period of your life every human being has? But like are these people who are like are they like forty five? No, no, demographically, again, we only have these nonscientific surveys the point I was trying to make these polls that Subrata it's an insult. Forums have done at their users. But from what we can tell about eighty percent of them are living in North America or Europe, they are overwhelmingly under thirty usually in high school or university or little afterwards..

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