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He raped juanita i've met one eight she is a beautiful person like hillary i wanted to be in denial i wanted to deny that these things could happen i had to come to terms with the fact that he was very capable and did do that why shouldn't he be prosecuted for rape as bill cosby has and and harvey weinstein was just arrested why shouldn't he be why don't they why don't they arrest hillary as a as a coconspirator because she's she has allowed him she has been the the person that has let him go sure good last night i thought jennifer flowers wishy seventy it's gotta be seventy one years old maybe not that maybe she's sixty eight or i don't know i should look pretty good i think it's a little stretch to say hillary as a coconspirator of sixty eight okay well she looked great what about what type of liar bill is like we played the sound bite for her of in reverence is someone she was really involved with and he's still really won't admit what happened i mean he was he's the guy who would parse the word is while he's under oath initial reaction to watching him my first impression was he's just not as good a liar anymore is it used to be.

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