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And reading a lot of fraud and praying all lot and it's based upon this story i think it was my aunt who i told me the story probably of my mom but that gently like in undies or that's a really good question because i don't really quite remember i'm sure have i heard the story uh as i was making my decision as to whether or not i would take the plunge and become a moslem i was a child and brought a lot of wonder and mystery lewis' newly lovely tale the story i heard is this is that uh prophet muhammad was dissatisfied with life um in mecca we've all the traders and all the um idol worshippers and so you would regularly go out of town to a cave to meditate and here comes this angel who i can only imagine is like i don't even know what kind of a be you know what i mean he asked them to read and mom it's an i can't and angel debris that again read and then profit was like um camps and then third time there bill squeeze him tightly and then released him and says read then the perfect repeated off to him so there was the first thing read in the name fuel lord that's how the first division came to the prophet in the shia tradition the narration is that when he was asked to recite he recited immediately there was no hesitation as a convert certainly the first hearing heroes were very awkward and terms of like what what am i supposed to be doing right i didn't even know i don't know how i didn't have a model i have never follow anybody observing lepuc are there in my home i mean he fill it we just like okay what is it that i'm i'm supposed to stay up all night and.

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