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And so I really came from that perspective because I also think that the need for Bitcoin is the most in these countries. And it's also the strongest argument when people say we don't need Bitcoin. It uses too much energy. It's not good for the climate and things like that. You can always come back and it's in my point of view the most important thing about Bitcoin being this empowerment for the 54% of humanity, which live under authoritarian rules, and so that was basically the main point of interest for me. I never saw it as an investment tool or something like that. Your podcast was one of the earliest things that you did. Was that like a learning in public kind of a thing for you at the time or what was the ambition when you started? So it was also learning because you can learn from the best if you interview them. And learning in public is in general not so my thing. I have my background is more like doing things until you know them and then go out and talk about it. But you can't do that in that space because everything is changing so fast you have to keep up. You always have to ask questions. And at the beginning, it was a little bit a tool for me. I thought it's a marketing tool also to get people into my courses and seminars because that was that what I did back then real life seminars about Bitcoin and blockchain and all the stuff. And more and more within the success I had and the good feedback I got and I also found it really special to be able to talk with Adam peck and Andreas and Dan held and all those people who really built this industry and this technology and to learn from them. And so the podcast was really very, very important also then for me to write the book to have all the knowledge because I always asked the sources I had firsthand information about.

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