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For a week or two internally dave robinson she said to flushing good pal bruce is up next on the fan bercy boy aj point number one night when we talk next year you and i both wanted atlanta i'm telling you you're wrong on call hamels and here's why ruin three four weeks before tragic that craig which showing you could pick hamels can't pick where you're saying that on a on a on a good team you know different mogo but the different train human burland brilliant it was showing an an and a guy i want the yankees credit for and you're gonna say no clenching happen is harvey and tell you why have you can pick his ninety seven now supposedly he's bad well good games now and the fact that you put him on the yankees always wanted to be what better way to resurrect your career and be good on the yankees in a playoff specs or world series yeah i gotta be honest bruce i'm not in favor of it i understand where you're coming from i do and actually watched a lot of matt harvey start today against the chicago cubs it was not great the stuff was good i think he's somewhere in the middle right to where he was and what he was this year is a med like he's never going to be the guy he wasn't thirteen or fifteen those days are over despite what stuff may be he's also not going to be a dumpster fire like she was in april and when he got banished to the bullpen could i see harvey going contending team and giving you his very best yeah he's pitching for contract but matt harvey the circus that comes with matt harvey the club scene new york the circus like atmosphere i don't know about you i it's just something i don't want to bring into this pasta listen if it happens and it works out i'll be the first to give you credit and it would be a lot of fun i'm not gonna lie to you bruce from what i do from what we like to do here the idea of harvey coming here it would carry us for like three weeks everybody would be it would be must see tv because the yankee fan would be locked in a met fan would be locked in we'd have we'd have everybody on both ends of the spectrum guenter yankee stadium or whoever the yankees are playing i just don't take it will happen i don't think the yankees are gonna work to bring in that sort of me first personality into that team that said i think harvey ends up in a place like la i think he ends up in a place like seattle i could see him in washington because of boris's connections there i do not think you'll be yankee and its forest hamels look three to zero ray in may three three four zero rain in june beds stored here in july i would not let one or two july stars all of a sudden change the narrative of cole hamels as a whole this year there reason why i think the trade can happen cincinnati great proven into reclamation projects flipping i'll i'll harvey given great his contract avenue same limelight and another prospect you probably can make the hydrog you now i'm i'm i'm curious when you look on the computer the difference in.

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