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Now on the Beltway in Maryland, the top side of the bell way a new problem on the outer loop of the Beltway, this one after New Hampshire Avenue, the crash reported to be along the right side. So you have a brief delay approaching in passing New Hampshire Avenue. But after that things are coming back up to speed between University Boulevard in Georgia Avenue. The earlier crash is gone on the Beltway in Virginia interlude delays. Coming out of Springfield through Annandale. After 2 36. The right side is blocked with the crash, and we also had the delay on the outer loop of the Beltway. Getting onto westbound 60 60 Single right lane gets by the work zone eastbound on 66 delays headed toward Nutley Street. This is within the long term work zone where the left side is taken away. South bound 95 the ramp to the Dale city truck scales. The ramp is blocked with the work. The scales are closed until five o'clock north bound 95 in Quantico is where the work zone was set up in the left lane ALS. Seeing a little bit of a delay near the Dale City exit in Maryland. Getting across the very nice Mac Middleton Bridge. Traffic is alternating across the bridge today with the work on the Bay Bridge. Westbound the left later, three, his spot with the cones and South bound to 70. Well, that delay out of her bed. I headed past 109 a single lane. Usually just one right lane will get you by that work zone south on. I 97 moving from 100 toward route. 32 is a mobile work crew that's reported to be along the right side. You'll also find eastbound I 70 after six. C six in Boonsboro. There had been a left lane getting by the crash. The new Pepco Mobile APP Now features easy bill Pay energy used tracking and power outage alerts Download the app today I'm Rita Kessler, w T o p traffic and now the storm team for meteorologists Chuck Bell cold air in place this morning, but a westerly breeze will help. Afternoon temperatures recover to a few degrees above average. Today's.

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