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Left and the putrid swamp you're listening to the damn bongino show Hearing is Dan Bon Gino You know I love facts Facts when they say you're listening to stubborn things right I love that I'm not a Joe Friday though just the facts I mean I hope is at least entertaining and educational at the same time because we throw a couple facts out there and then we add some color commentary to it and some opinion and I hope the show is funny I think it is ratings been great thanks to you and we appreciate that But I don't just anybody can recite a set of facts There are this many people in the state of Texas And that's not what doing this job is this job can be really difficult You know what This is a perfect time Jim Alan do you have Alec Baldwin Totally unintentional So before I get into this because I want to talk about just again facts here how you should be very proud of yourself being on the conservative side of the aisle that you can make an argument Hey voter ID is not going to stop black people from voting Why Black people are smart and intelligent and are perfectly capable of getting an ID just like whites Hispanics Asians and everyone else That shouldn't be controversial right We can back that up with data The left can But here's what happens when you try to do talk radio by the way And you think you can just you think it was just such an easy job anybody can hack it You know Alec Baldwin yeah yeah that guy yeah look ball but don't get close to him on a movie set So Alec Baldwin right Here's Alec Baldwin trying to do talk radio from years ago This is not a joke He thought it would be really easy What was the station W PH the grade station legacy station I believe in Philly right Yes WPC Here's Alec Baldwin thinking ah you know what Those conservative idiots on talk radio Sean Hannity Levin Yeah probably rushed to Limbaugh at the time They don't know what they're doing I can do it I'm Alec bull here check this out This is a classic When we come back we have some time Oh great We're going to take some calls Whenever we want We have calls that are on there now Yeah What do people call to get on the air Do we have that number It's right there Do I have the cool number in front of me Oh I'm so sorry That's interesting Interesting Of course any other questions you have any other comments you have call us to what else Call us we have any calls yet there Ivan No cost Let's read some more about Scientology Is Sean Hannity a scientologist Alec Baldwin posing the big questions tonight here Do we have any calls here Ivan None Boy it's just incredible My favorite part of that Oh that's what's interesting about the call number being a fraud What's interesting about that There's nothing listen You're not the pile on this guy but it's a tough job I had someone at Fox once tell me gosh they filled in for Levin and they were like that's really hard It is It's hard But you know what's not hard Putting together the show response She Alec didn't want to do the work right He was lazy I think he thought because he was Alec Baldwin he's going to come in and the phone lines are going to be flooded with adoring fans looking to talk to them That's not the way it works People listen to radio and call in when they find the content compelling and they feel like they want to comment We don't have a hard time getting calls I don't have to fame or notoriety valak Baldwin It's because what we do here is we prevent we present to you again to testable hypotheses and ideas and we produce facts to back them up and the left can not do the same thing Here's what I mean We're now in voting season again We see the Pennsylvania primaries in Idaho North Carolina just in the past few days Ohio happened a couple weeks ago We're in voting season again So the left is told us now for decades It is nothing new just like sunny hostin lied about the left moving more towards the center which is an absurdity on its face but they've also told us that anything you do to try to increase the election security measures right Voter ID I mean you need ID to buy Allegra in the state of Maryland right Why shouldn't you need voter ID But no one can explain that That's why the overwhelming majority of voters of all races colors and creeds by the way believe voter ID is a pretty darn good thing But the left is lie to you for decades and told you no do people definitely can't vote if you've implement voter ID laws so much they are so in love as you can see by the response to 2000 mules and voter ID They are so in love with the idea of voter fraud That any even small minor measure that may stop mass voter fraud right Or even minor instance of voter fraud the left has to panic and get in the way So they passed the law in Georgia It was a very simple law Basically.

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