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July twenty fifth oh yeah tell on july twenty fifth baby we have an event with kelly leveque and charity lighten of silver fern brand are you fucking surprised that we're having an event oh my god you guys when you guys want to jump off cliff cheese crumbs okay but our la are really family was asking about our next event and this one's going to be awesome so it's with our french friends from sage wellness it'll be at the stage wellness on abbot kinney our favorite space to host events and then it is sponsored by our friends at silver fern brands so charity and kelly at silver fern brand our good friends of ours and we really loved their products we believe in their digestive enzymes muse their endurance energy regular lead their new protein powder is out of this world it's so good so we're really excited to have an event where kelly's talking about health and nutrition and then charity is talking about digestive and got health so we will have kelly talk for a little bit charity talk for a little bit and then we'll do qna with them so you can dive deep into all things related to health and general nutrition yeah it's the best yeah so excited hurry guys yeah tickets are on our website yes on our website boase can we read that one review before we go sure almost thirty podcasts dot com by the way our website yeah so we just got the sweetest review best frigging teared up they feel like your girlfriend's five stars i have too many great things to say about this podcast one aren't.

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