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And it's 8 30 a.m. here in London a very good morning I'm Caroline Hepburn welcome to blueberry daybreak Europe So a couple of interesting things happening ever ground has defaulted for the first time on dollar debt this morning So we're getting breaking news lines happen for about the last half hour or so rather ground but also Kaiser Fitch ratings seems to be taking the action most promptly Also of course Boris Johnson confirming new restrictions for the UK to try to combat the omicron variant but facing mounting pressure and absolutely bruising round yesterday And all of this controversy around Christmas parties in fact quite a number of Brits according to the polling want the prime minister to resign over the issue about lying about Christmas parties during the lockdown last year Let's go to the stock markets then give you an update there away from the politics European stock markets are actually up by a quarter of 1% So it's a muted but positive start to trading this Thursday morning 3100 also up by two tenths of 1% But overcome really is overshadowing things The Asian markets most stocks gains but you just had declines in Japan The seaside 300 actually went past 5000 So out of the kind of range that has been stuck in for some 5 months In terms of bond markets U.S. yields are below one and a half percent one spot four 9 7 Germany is at negative 34 basis points And guilt yields in focus now dropping 5 basis points at 72 basis points Goldman Sachs sees February as now the likely moment for a rate rise in the UK and speaking of which let's go on to our top stories now give you more details about Boris Johnson's plan B it means tighter pandemic rules across England his Bloomberg's Charles capel From next week people in England will be advised to work from home and vaccine passports will be required in large venues masks or face coverings will also be required in more settings like cinemas from Friday Johnson said it is becoming clear that the omicron variant was growing faster than the delta variant it came at the end of a chaotic day for the prime minister in which he apologized in the House of Commons After a video emerged showing key aids joking about a Christmas party last year when such parties were banned Allegra Stratton one of the aids in the video offered her resignation in a tearful statement The new measures will be reviewed by early January at the latest in London Charles cable playbook day very Europe While Bloomberg economics has been crunching the numbers and predicts that the price tag for the UK economy of these extra restrictions could be as high as 2 billion pounds a month the restrictions prompted business groups to call for government support the trades union Congress wants the furlough program to be revived and the CBI business lobby says that firms will need help implementing COVID passports On a separate related issue UK employers have increased starting salaries at a record pace in November according to a survey by the recruitment and employment confederation and KPMG they say that firms are being forced to boost compensation to tackle what they call an unsustainable shortage of workers starting salary inflation is at its highest since data collection began in 1997 And an interesting story in the banking field Deutsche Bank could be facing legal trouble sources say that the U.S. Department of Justice told Deutsche Bank that it may have violated a criminal settlement by failing to tell prosecutors about an internal complaint The bank had vowed to cooperate with probes and make certain disclosures about allegations of misconduct but prosecutors learned of a complaint that the asset management arm had overstated its ESG commitments only after it was made public in August Those were a few of our top stories let's get the latest now in global news headlines with Google.

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