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Matter where they show up and you can expect you know everywhere from talked about him to come out of this in in a put up a good performance next time. I'll now moving onto the final graded stakes from Churchill this weekend. That that's of course the Matt Win in that featured the return of the winner of the British thirty last year Max Field and. They're relax questions about him going into this race. How would the layoff affect him? How he come back off the injury and he answered all those questions with flying colors this week and with the trip that he had and the all the problems that arose from him He the only horse that was wider than him was major fed and we were very high on major fed going into this race but major fed as wide is he was he ran last so with. Max Field just being a little bit farther inside than him and for him to win the race. The way he did that speaks volume to him Again this is a very deep thrilled crop even with losing even with losing doll earlier today. It's still very tough three-year-old crop but even Even if Nador had still stuck around Max field would have been definitely one of the horses. It's at the top of this crop. There's not many that are better than Max field. Not many horses are supposed to come off. Not many horses should do what Max Field did coming off a layoff of what he did so the fact that he did what he did. This weekend was remarkable. And there's some big things in the future for the source whether they decide to go to the bluegrass or whether they decide to take a shot and over the Belmont remains to be seen. But whatever they do max field is definitely one of the worst. It should definitely be on the radar for the Kentucky. Derby.

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