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This is a cross pollination between the two of us this next story because this guy is a friend of mine. He was one of the first people who volunteered to be a guest on the row report. When I started at the beginning of the year, he called me up and said are you doing your own show? Can I come on? I'll do an interview we can have some fun together. Actor Jon Cryer is in the news today because he's going to be playing lex Luther on supergirl. It's right. Yeah. Just hired play lex Luther everyone. We'll ever what the public knows that. I knew that longtime ago. I bet you did. Inside. Yes. As an inside when I was working on my they were talking about who would play lex Luthor d-. His name was the top of the list at that point. And I know what they're doing with the character. Like, it's not humorous, imagine, it it's a dark turn John has told me, you know, we're friends for a while. Now, he's told me he's known for being light and fluffy and everything, but he's dying to do something a little more ominous straightforward sinister. This is going to be like when Duckie went bad. But he was also Lenny Luther people forget it comes back around. Again. He was Lenny Lutheran superman for give him endless shit about by the way. The internet today. They really. I love the fact that the Berlanti verse kind of folds in all the people from the history of those characters and brings them back into the into the fold anyone's around. Yeah. It's it's going to be cool. The storyline is really really cool. I'm looking forward to I think John's much better actor than most people know because he's done light stuff for the better part of his career. But I think there's really be cool. He's going bald for he's already is it really? So it's just a little shaving in to do much much. More casting news Star Wars TV series. The mandala Rian now has the lead. Pedro scowl is going to be the lead a love very talented guy. Most folks from narcos, and I just watched him game thrones to throw. Yeah. He was the guy the fuck and fought the mount I knew him from Kingsman the golden circle. That's the kind of I was whiskey in that. I just watched him in the equaliser to love the movie with with Denzel Washington. They just put the sequel out on video. And he was he was deployed his buddy. He's such a great actor those. No, no, there is talented guy. He is playing the man DeLorean John fab rose developed a series for the new Disney streaming service Disney. Plus, so that's what's going to be now, I know better than I am not well versed in the lore of Star Wars mandala Rian. That's the. Boba fett come back showed a picture of the man to Laurie when they announced this weeks ago, and he looks like Boba fett. There's the thing. I don't understand. They had a picture on set of the man to remember when they announced they're making the show, and then they just hired the man to Laurean this week. Well, maybe the doing some stunt stuff with the guy in the helmet. You don't really need the guy until he takes the helmet off. Right. So be weird to start with that stuff. I, but yeah, I guess. Stories Khurana the fighters also added to the cast. He's a big fan. Yeah. Like that kind of e. Harley Quinn, spinoff bird of prey the movie as at another cast member as we know now, Margarite he's coming back as Harley Quinn. Yes. We've got Mary Elizabeth Winstead hunter's tryst journey small at bell as black canary, and they just added Cassandra Cain to the cast came back Earl well there that's saying whether she's going to become bad girl or not they're not saying what they're doing with that character. But in terms of her being the daughter of lady, Sheba and David Cain. She's absolutely going to be on. Well, he's an unknown which is kinda cool. Her name is Ellen Basco, and she's an actress who's done some work, but nothing starring and I think it's great when they give new actors beginning actors role when a comic book movie because it kind of raises their profile and gives them a new career. Do you think about man shows up in this movie? Which one? What are they doing? What that character? I don't know who's playing Batman anymore..

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