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I'm Jack Crumley newsradio seven hundred WLW artificial intelligence also known as AGI involved in this year's U. S. open tennis tournament IBM is rolling out a new tool at this year's U. S. open tennis tournament it's called coach adviser and IBM's Elizabeth o'brien says it helps coaches hone in on players problem areas where as before coaches would watch their players play and say well you know they're really I think they're running a lot I think you know there are their needs are going to be tired or just the body's gonna be depleted now we actually have a measurement that says okay here is the mechanical intensity during this game she says coach adviser makes use of artificial intelligence we have used a I and video in traditional tennis stats to create a portal for coaches to have should never before seen a depth of analysis around their players performance adding that whoever comes out on top at this year's open human plus machine equals better depth of understanding Chelsea written ABC news. radio seven hundred W. L. W.. sports is a read the bay ridge and Phillies meeting game two of their series tonight a great American ball park bench Velasquez will start for Philadelphia the rental counter with Lucas Sims he will take the place of Alex wood is out with back troubles again seven hundred W. wannabes coverage begins at five forty with the R. L. carriers inside page Kelsey Chevrolet extra inning show after the game college football action last night ninth rated Notre Dame wins at local thirty five to seventeen build Edison seven hundred WLW sports our next update will be at three o'clock I'm a carpenter newsradio seven hundred WLW did two drivers with class A. or be owning land is an honor but it's also a big responsibility so you need the right tractor to ease the burden of maintaining the land.

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