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That your body needs in the bvitamins are one of the big keys of what really happens in takes place within the heart rate rhythm now the thyroid is a big player in it as well but your heart rate and rhythm has to do with minerals and the body has to do with the body guinean of vitamins separately the bvitamins and there's many of them and it that it that balance or imbalances there than a lot of times you'll find an irregularity now is their genetic component to it can be in certain circumstances but for the most part is going to be really come down to the nutrition piece that your plan and then of course stressed pleasure role and in mental stress can affect the heart is well but in the end of the day really comes down to the way your body's getting the right kind of nutrition neither make it work great or to make enough works are great and we want to get it towards work in fantastic and that's the big key okay so encourage you look at there's there's some really really great be complex vitamins but don't hinge yourself on a pill matter of fact was something like that it really is good to get either the nutrition you can go there physicians we have our different providers that do this where you can actually get specific nutrients in an ivy bag and you do and ivy drip and it works very well to increase activated vitamins into the system at specific doses that will help replace any of the deficiencies that your body has very very inexpensive but very effective to and can be very powerful and restoring the body so you might want to look into some of these activated vitamins and talk a lot about that in the book but they can they can do very well to really support you but i would look at that now you're eating habits number one all right so i mean at least think about this when they start talking about five or seven servings everybody gets confused i get confused so you want to think about it like this hopefully you're gonna eat five or six meals a day and i i do i'm a big advocate a multiple meals i know some people think about intermittent fasting one two meals a day that's great the evidence is so strong with given the body the kind of nutrition that it needs steadily throughout the day we need it so when i thought somebody that he's one.

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