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Iraq, Montenegro Monterey, Chile discussed on Global News Podcast


The island is called in french tiny island maintain we have some height and great summits but the the coast usually not touched by the phenomenon but this time in iraq's yo you know with the beach completely white snowcovered transform the most ski station for us it seems natural surrealistic but magic you know in measures a beautiful a for the twenty five centimeters of snow on old city from the sea to the montaigne we nc that since 1982 six i'm tom reach montenegro monterey's capital parker it's just saw first snow today in about adding ten years which is why shocking situation for most of the montenegro which is only three rainy an inaugural address because the weather shock most of the citizens down parents decided not to send kids call people took dayoff roads are not clean we're just not prepared for this kind of weather and from one extreme to another the atacama desert in chile where scientists have found microbes that have been lying dormant in the soil for decades without water they entered into something like an incredibly deep sleep until rains came and book the backup scientists now think the same principle could apply on mars leading to suggestions that similar basic life could be hiding within the red planet's surface duke shows mac which is the lead researcher of the project rosier about asked him why is this discovery on earth relevant to the potential for life on mars this very rollover tomas because moss early on four billion years ago head ocean on its planet became drier drier ends the same kind of stresses that the in the atacama bears are higher uv radiation low nutrients and dryness these kinds of things trespass other on mosques just a little take more and on marcio also have moisture events you have ground water you have four you even have your occasionally nightly snowfall over there so if the microorganisms can't so wide that way in the accommodate as a then there's a good chance that there could survive for mosques as well well that's pretty exciting just to hear the loss pulse of that sentence i mean how excited all you buy the potential for this very excited by the potential i mean we don't know what for sure because it's a really tough.

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Iraq, Montenegro Monterey, Chile discussed on Global News Podcast

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