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Forward compared to last year particularly over one lap. Is that how you sit. I definitely feel. I've i've made some big improvements in that area. It was for sure my biggest focus coming into this year to kind of close. That gap down to my teammate. In qualifying from seattle ver. Very good reference to you. Know to see what is possible with with the current car. I haven't ultimately. That's what you always want do is try and get the maximum out of it over over the one lap and you know the way i kind of explain. It is if you look at it on paper and maybe it doesn't look like it's been such a big step because if you just look at the disparity and qualify positions itself. You've lived the gap. Is that the actual. Oh i didn't know that. Obviously track the numbers throughout. I just kind of see. I mean it fluctuates from restaurants. Ac it's often. That's no yeah. I mean i definitely feel much more comfortable in the car. It's still no doubt a tricky carter dr in many situations and ultimately i feel. I'm doing a better job of driving around. I still feel. I need to be doing a better job in certain situations of driving around some of the issues both qualifying race. But you know now that the car is you know consistently can be in q. Two no question in the last year of a bit more challenging you really have to nail perfect lap and you still do have a very good but last year the difference between being half a second quicker and reality sometimes even gives you an extra position in qualifying still be towards the tail end this year sometimes an extra half tenth or ten is the difference between making it the cue to or not and then everything is much closer. You know you build the rhythm you can improve it more. Get more confidence with the car. And we've seen the car's potential to be in in q..

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