Dodge City, Kansas, Crisco Bach discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)


He'll get out of dodge Dodd city of gunsmoke fame dodge city is in southwest Kansas. They do still celebrate the old gunsmoke vibe. There is a gun fighters wax museum there in coincident with the Kansas teachers hall of fame, it's an awkward pairing. But you know, they both pay rent. These days dodge city's industrial base is meat packing. And that meatpacking industry has attracted a lot of Hispanic workers. And their families dodge City Kansas has now a majority minority town, it's majority Hispanic, and the reason we ended up spending some time there before the midterm elections. This past year is because Republican elected officials in red state Kansas made some striking decisions when it came to voting in dodge city, which is the largest majority minority community in that entire state. When Laura Kelly the democrat was running for governor in Kansas this past November the Republican candidate. She was up against was named Chris co back. He's known nationally as someone of a national profile in part because he was the head of President Trump's sort of bogus and now disbanded voter fraud commission. Crisco Bach has also made somewhat of a national name for himself in recent years. Trying to sell other states besides Kansas on policies that are designed to make it as hard as possible for likely democratic voters to cast their vote and get it counted. But while he was running for Kansas governor this past November. He was simultaneously serving as the secretary of state in Kansas as the top elections official in that state and under his leadership. It was decided that dodge city, the largest majority minority town in the whole state. It was decided that they would be relieved of their one voting place there. One polling location. There's like thirteen thousand ish registered voters dodge city. They were already in pretty bad shape. In terms of access to the polls before this past election for those thirteen thousand voters there was precisely one voting place in all of dodge city before this last election, but then for the midterms for the November elections in which Chris Kovac was going to be a top of the ballot is the Republican candidate for governor for the midterms. Republican officials in Kansas decided that that one polling place in dodge city was one polling place too many. And so that polling place would be shut they said it was because construction was going to make that one polling place in dodge city inaccessible, so they closed that one voting place for the whole town and instead opened up another one way outside the city limits..

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