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Afternoon, I'm Sean Anderson. I'm Hillary Howard and Mike chicas is our producer. A Supreme Court ruling is due by midnight tonight on whether access to a widely used abortion pill should stay in place while challenges to the FDA's approval of the drug move through the legal system. CBS News chief legal correspondent Jan Crawford explains the three options now before the high court as a considers a lower court ruling that severely restricts the availability of Preston. They could block this federal court judges ruling in Texas entirely. That would keep this drug available just like it's always been. It wouldn't change anything. And then the case would just play out in the lower courts below. It could also say the opposite, which is we're just going to let this judges ruling go into effect. Because that would mean that the pill could no longer be used. The other thing it could do is kind of a mixed bag, take that middle ground and block part of the judge's ruling, but then allow other parts of it to proceed. Now, the Texas court ruling woody in part stopped prescriptions by mail for the widely used pill, and it would reduce the time frame. It could be taken from ten to 7 weeks. Washington commanders defensive end Shaka Tony is among 5 NFL players who've been suspended for violating the league's gambling policy. The league says Tony bet on NFL games during the season, his suspension is indefinite. The team says it's cooperating with that investigation. For Detroit lawyer lions have also been suspended for bedding. Lions wide receiver, Tessa, and safety CJ Moore have been released from the team after being suspended indefinitely for betting on NFL games. Lions wide receivers Stanley berry hill and James Jameson Williams have been banned for 6 games for betting on NFL games at their facility, more sports coming up at three 55. Could be some good news coming for high school athletes in Virginia. The state's high school league is about to finalize a new policy to let them make money off their names and likenesses. Early next month, the Virginia high school league is expected to vote and pass a policy with a two thirds majority that will allow high school athletes to earn money off things like product endorsements, selling autographs and merchandise. Maryland and D.C.

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