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Illuzzi, Harvey Weinstein, Los Angeles discussed on WBBM Afternoon News Update


Are people that made choices they continue to make choices Illuzzi fired back today when an adult goes to somebody else's hotel room is the only reason they're going up there for sexual encounter there are no blurred lines here this is a crime and a wanton disregard of other people now it's up to the jury the prosecution needs twelve to convict the defense only needs one for a hung jury and that's definitely a defense victory the jury of seven men and five women will begin deliberating Tuesday if convicted Harvey Weinstein faces life in prison he will have a second trial in Los Angeles where he is also charged with rape Nora Nikki thank you how Florida mother is outraged tonight after the release of body cam video showing her six year old daughter with special needs being removed from her school by police the little girl was held at a behavioral facility for two days when will mark as reports the case is drawing new attention to a controversial Florida law no you're not going to jail that six year old Nadia being escorted from our school by the Jacksonville sheriff's officer on February fourth in the squad car the deputy is over her talking to another officer about the girls behavior since leaving the school she's been actually very place Nadia seems confused about where she's going she would be held at this Jacksonville mental health center for nearly forty eight hours her mother Martina Falk broke down watching the police body cam video with her attorneys to modify that's because the family believes Nadia who has ADHD and a mood disorder should never have been placed under Florida's Baker act which allows authorities to force a psychiatric evaluation on anyone including children team the threat to themselves or others but in a sheriff's report from the school responding social workers and Nadia was threatening herself and others attacking staff the district says the school followed the law but Martino fox told us she wasn't contacted about the incident until Nadia was being placed in custody you are given the opportunity to say let me get to the school now there's now will push in the state legislature to amend the law and mobile work as CBS news Jacksonville.

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