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Stevens let's see what's going on around the rest of the American hockey league with our out of town scoreboard updates only one other game with the American hockey league is currently on going and the stocks in heat all over the San Diego goals three nothing after forty minutes at Pechenga arena in San Diego Byron phrase with two holes in the game for stocked in all other games are final and we'll start out east where the Hershey bears visited the Belleville senators and it was all Hershey bears a five one win for her she is a move back to the five hundred mark well talk about dominant performances tonight perhaps no one better than the Utica comets they stayed perfect and three no within each to win over the Charlotte checkers Justin Bailey with two goals for Utica in the victory at Adirondack bank center the Lehigh Valley the we have only fans got their first win of the season of four one victory over the very intent devils and the entry off with two goals for Lehigh Valley heading to Rochester the Cleveland monsters in a shoot out defeat the Rochester Americans for three is the final step and that so with two goals for Cleveland as they move back to five hundred at two and two Rochester Americans with their first questions that are first lost their first overtime or shootout loss of the season there now three one and one in Hartford the wolfpack seats will want nothing shutout victory over the Springfield Thunderbirds filled the just happy had the only goal of the game for the whole stack and the getting the shutout for the Hartford wolf pack was Igor should circuit stopping thirty six of thirty six the rookie from Russia playing his first American hockey league season okay moving through the calendar it's the Iowa wild with a six four win over the Manitoba moose has they had in six different goals scorers to stay unbeaten regulation at three OO and won the Manitoba moose fall to one and three the Milwaukee admirals fall on home ice in a shoot out the all right eagles with a three two win over the Milwaukee admirals Sheldon dries had a goal for Colorado as did it Jason magna Rockford icehogs winners on home ice they beat the Chicago wolves levels fall to one in three the ice always get their first win of the season does it don't secure a with a goal for Rockford in the victory in a shoot out the Texas stars defeat the grand rapids griffins of four three in cedar park Conor Bleakley with another goal for Texas he has three goals in three games for the stars of our rocket three two winners over the Providence Bruins in love al Ryan paling with the game winner for the rocket will step aside when we come back we'll have action here in Tucson where the road runners have a three two lead over the rampage rampage hoping to avoid their first regulation loss this season back in just a moment prime McCormick here if you want to get seven sixty the rampage radio network glowing skin is always in with scene Ives apricot scrub made with one hundred percent natural African extract and walnut shell powder this call classics grab those deep removes dirt make up and oil Stephen glow bright provides crowd turned up the glow let's talk about and in may she was working at Walmart and heard an ad that changed her life with no IT experience she enrolled at my computer career four months later Anna started her ID career hired by a my computer career graduate the part of the future click the add or go to my computer career dot EDU and take the free career evaluation today you could start your new life as an IT pro in as little as four months prices may just twice a week it's not rocket science it's my computer career dot E. D. U. hi this is Randy couture this Halloween join me in the professional fighters Lee get the toughest night in MMA watch the PFL playoffs Thursday October thirty first live on ESPN two and ESPN plus writers must buy twice and win twice on the same night to advance to the championship Alex Nicholson will bring the scary on the toughest night an anime don't miss the final twenty nineteen PFL playoffs event Thursday October thirty first live on ESPN two and ESPN plus vice begin on ESPN plus at eight PM eastern and continue on ESPN two at ten thirty PM wise with the files now you'll get the internet you want at a price you'll love I just want things to work if I have fast ensign and made things much much easier switch now to the one hundred percent fiber optic network and get files internet for thirty nine ninety nine per month plus a fifty dollar visa prepaid card go to get files dot com to learn more Texas could mean another piece in terms apply wind speeds one hundred slash one hundred megs availability wireless and wireline skis Mayberry supplies dot com slash was B. for more info on the card issued by metabank member FDIC offer ends eleven eleven nineteen summer music festivals are filled with great surprises.

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