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One time with me that he he knew this is what i do so well couldn't wait for the moment that there's something about all of the hard work that you put in too and the preparation it's to find that exact moment and so when you finally get there it's like all of my work has paid off. I'm in this moment. this where all of this pressure. This is what i've been working towards. And i finally got their you know pull. I think you asked montana wants about. Would you rather have the lead or be behind with the ball. he goes. oh i'd rather have the ball. then i control it. He goes standing on the sidelines. Relying on others. That's when i would be upset nervous and with the success and the opportunities that i've had you you build to that moment when somebody says how are you not nervous when you're on the field interviewing people in front of one hundred million at the super bowl you don't you don't think about it like you're in the moment you don't think there's one hundred million people here. Don't screw up you. You get up on that podium and then you realize i gotta be in the moment with six people up here. Not a hundred million people not eighty thousand people in the stands in the moment and then you prepared for that. So i i understand that yes. That in and of itself takes a lot of talent and concentration. Forget about your abilities to an anything like that to be able to get your mind to a place where you're not thinking about that many people and that i've worked all these years for this moment. That can paralyze some people just as much as you can be excited and relaxed. Yeah and i've been around people who do get the moments too big for them at the olympics. Where it's just you and a couple of people in a studio but you're in the moment with those people not e can't think outside and everybody who's watching you just. It's hard to do but once you get to that moment where you just go okay. This is what i'm doing and you don't factor in everything outside extent extent extenuating circumstances there. We'll take a break when we come back the app. You didn't ask for it but you're going to get it. Todd has a..

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