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No. This is a mobile golf game. I dunno i mean is what it is like. I never would like. Nintendo is nintendo. They're never going to be like you. Give us less money. Sure but at one point. I just need to stop buying this shit because like is it fun yes. Is it like an entertaining little gulf game. Yes yeah what else. Can i do with sixty dollars a lot. More than mario golf like. I remember playing. Pga gulf on my first computer. Were you like click your swing back and forth and it's the same fucking game. This is just like very. Mario world click. You don't even click to india swing. Now it for you. It's all relative to a skill so you just start your shit and you stop it unlike power and then it fucking does voight right. It's it's just yeah. It's just not enough here. Here's i generally agree with you. But the just to play devil's advocate a little bit. What you just described the the shot swing back and forth. That is literally every golf game ever created. Tiger woods could power up with the smashing button a little bit more. I mean follow this general. Has it's missing the last point though. Where right you're supposed to like. It goes up you hit and then you supposed to hit it again to match up. Yeah they've removed for moving lineup. Part david remove true but also like tiger woods gulf games. You have like pinpoint re imaginings of like torrey pines in like pga courses where we get fucking kupa truth of beach. Little fucking piece of shit will feature. I don i got off place. Of course i mean. That's obvious that way. In mario kart and being like oh. This isn't a real fucking talladega. I'm making the argument expectations but for price. Because that's the fucked up thing is. They're still building this willed on whatever the fuck they build the world's on where they could hand this to and child and go make golf course in this fucking engine the and they could and so it's not like there's a ton going into that is not a ten going into the mechanics the story quote unquote that we can get into his along tutorial. Like it's just not worth sixty dollars. I and i blame you guys for ruining sixty dollars with. Sorry again to play devil's advocate. We talked about it through the discord. And you're like is it worth sixty dollars. And i said it's a fully featured golf game. And i stand by whether whether featured goal okay whether or not stood. My subaru is a fully featured rally car. God let me explain myself whether or not the the The modes are worth your time or not. They are present right so like when when i think of a game when it's like you asked me that question. Is it worth sixty dollars. Like i guess. The the best parallel that i can make streetfighter five on launch and it was like what is available at launch online. You play online and there's like you. Can you can grind for costumes to. that's it. Pay a sixty dollars right. At least with mario golf like you can play speed golf. You can play regular golf. There's an adventure mode. There's an online mode like their speeches enough features in it. That i i would say like whether or not you enjoy fucking experience is one thing but you have to give them a little bit of credit. There are enough teachers that they worked on. So that's my point. But he's saying timing is relevant like there's no other gulf games because that's like going. hey is a poop..

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