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Dot com six ranked teams in action on this Black Friday leading into the final Saturday of college football's regular season third quarter under way in Charlottesville Virginia living Virginia Tech right now thirteen to six next to kick will be Iowa and Nebraska from Lincoln coming up at the bottom of the hour top twenty five college hoops battle four Atlantis third place game in the Bahamas earlier went to North Carolina prevailing over Oregon seventy eight seventy forget Zack and Michigan coming up next to the championship game which will tip near the bottom of the hour the outside fifth ranked Maryland over Harvard in the Orlando invitational eighty to seventy three do global and Kentucky on action later on as well matinee NBA action on going in Brooklyn there at the six and a half minute mark of the fourth quarter the nets lead the Celtics by score of one oh two ninety two playing for the eighth straight game without carrier being remains out with a shoulder injury though he is at least in attendance today as opposed to the other night in Boston Spencer Dinwiddie right now lead and that's with thirty points and eleven assists on ice and of one in Boston Rangers the the first place Bruins one to nothing and an end to the bill Peter saga flame channel manager Bratcher living earlier announcing Peters resignation as Calgary head coach four days after a former player a chemo Lou came forward and said Peters directed racial epithets towards him some ten years ago when Peters was coaching in the minors NFL all signs pointing towards Broncos rookie quarterback drew lock making his first career start Sunday against the Chargers patriots signed kicker kai Forbath and release Nick folk who had his appendix removed this week the giants willing out for key players including golden Tate it happening room for Sunday's home game against the Packers I'm crystal Presti this is test and I'm losing you've come to the right place for NFL scores news and opinions that's right new CBS sports radio.

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