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Jane Metzler fox news as an entrance and First Lady Maloney and taking in the big Alabama LSU game in Tuscaloosa unlike other recent sporting events the president attended no booze heard at Bryant Denny stadium the one hundred one thousand football fans there to watch the game likely to determine who plays for the national championship right now LSU lead sixteen to thirteen minutes before the half president made some news on the White House lawn right before leaving for the game president trump says that he will release the transcript of a second phone call he had with Ukrainian president lot of yours a Lynskey potentially on Tuesday that is one day before public testimonies are scheduled to start on Capitol Hill fox's Ellison barber the president also said he would like acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and his former national security adviser John Bolton to testify in the house impeachment inquiry both were subpoenaed but failed to show for depositions Bolton wanted a court to decide whether he should testify or obey the directive from president trump who cited executive privilege Democrats deciding to avoid another drawn out legal battle and pull those subpoenas in a letter to the house in general counsel buttons attorney said that he is dismayed by the house's decision and suggested that they're leaving behind a valuable information Bolton the letter says was personally involved in many of the events meetings and conversations about which you have already received testimony as well as many relevant meetings and conversations that have not yet been discussed in the testimonies thus far this is Devin newness ranking Republican on the house intelligence committee provided chairman Adam ship with a list of eight witnesses the GOP wants to call America's listening to fox news from the floor to settle credit union home loans traffic center we're getting reports of a brand a collision on north bound to seventy five by the Gandy Boulevard exit in Saint Pete but no problems getting by that as it does appear to be off to the shoulder eastbound on our Franklin a slight bit of slow traffic as you approach the Kennedy Boulevard exit and work your way up to the Dale Maybury exit westbound on I. four expect to see some heavy traffic from the summer connector into the two seventy five interchange it's all about I seventy five in Riverview we're seeing some heavy traffic approaching Big Bend road Steve foster newsradio WFLA from the road air conditioning weather center powered locally by Ferguson H. back after early morning showers fall has finally returned to Florida temperatures on Saturday only near seventy six degrees and under clear skies tonight temperatures will fall to sixty degrees by Sunday morning a very cool and crisp start there we will see more sunshine on Sunday that'll lead to a slightly warmer high temperature near eighty degrees but it will still feel comfortable with the lower humidity sticking around all the way through veterans day on the water though it will be breezy and will see choppy waters in the bay news channel eight meteorologist Amanda Holly this report is sponsored by.

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