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Braley crazily Jim. Burleigh fucking gymboree. Wow that's where you take your two year old to his birthday. Party burly always made us laugh. So gymboree what you're doing down. I'M GONNA say thirty one thirty one years old now. I think you guys are real close. I'M GOING TO SPLIT IT and thirty three was it was a hard year for Jesus but I think it might be a banner year hard year for Jesus thirty three thirty. Three's hard year for Jesus Ed Hardy Effort Breezes Jesus probably one of those names yet. Jesus what is is that. What kind of like if someone did know Jesus and they the hold is that guy? They'd be like Jesus Thirties have audible. Think Jesus died because he fought for his beliefs in when he tried to instill people treat people the way he died because of three things laundry. I think she's young I think she's twenty six twenty six years old and been stripping for eight of them by the way when I said thirty four she looks fifty four. That's a fact but anybody in the town liked plus you too. We'll do to the along the corn right here the front twenty three years old. What's your name the town? All right way back right make their thirty seven years old right now I wanna know how old Rachelle is I know that answer okay. We'll do that next okay. Well we're shells two hours right because show with one L.. We hate to resolve to all right. Amanda and I don't want the extra eligible lady like his now the Sol's from long-term she's not doing it. That's a good slogan for that's that'd be great for bounce fabric softener the extra L. is for.

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