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In for david brancaccio the white house says cnbc commentator lawrence kudlow has accepted president trump's offered to head the national economic council so what might kudlow bring to the job as top economic advisor marketplace's were not a sago reports the head of the national economic council's job is to advise the president on economic policy issues and coordinate with agencies to help meet the administration's economic goals joseph minarik with the business led committee for economic development says lawrence kudlow may not be inclined to bring a wide range of economic ideas to policy discussions he in all likelihood is going to be going to the president with his own point of view he says cut lows ability to bring serious economic analysis to complex issues is unclear but dean baker who runs the left leaning center for economic and policy research says kudlow has expressed strong views on some issues in general he's completely opposed to regulations kudlow is also a proponent of tax cuts like president trump i'm renat sago for marketplace president's new adviser seems to be moderating his views on some issues earlier this month kudlow wrote a column criticizing the president's tariffs on steel and aluminum but he's backed away from that just yesterday saying he was on board with tariffs though encouraged that exceptions could be made for canada and mexico dove soap ben and jerry's ice cream marmite lipton tea they're all made by unilever unilever has headquarters in both the netherlands and london but not for much longer the company says it's going to be based only in the netherlands moving forward this is a pretty sensitive time for the company to be doing this given fears in britain over how brexit might affect its economy so the news is not going down smoothly in the uk the bbc steel legged has been following this good morning theo good morning unilever was split between two headquarters one in the netherlands in one over where you are in london now it's ditched london and it's just headquartered in the netherlands why is that logical maneuver but it does come at a time of tensions over britain leaving the european union and that's why the fate of.

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