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Even if interrupts a market or some very powerful people not feeling valuable enough to interrupt his lead to passively and feared disagree. It assumes that no matter what I had to say my interruption is never better than the alternative. This is something I am working through. Well, I- Josh, I mean, I just appreciate you sharing that and I just relate to doing as a kid. I was raised in a beautiful loving home by Dan and JoAnne Miller, but I did learn. Learn how to get approval, and I found myself pursuing that sometimes above what it was best, what was best for me and what was offensive. And I would say that that is something I am also always working through, especially as a very conflict averse person because I want approval. I want to want to make people happy. I want to people please. And so I, I'm part of your club there, Josh. I'll come to the weekly meeting too. Tony Cooper here is next. She says from my parents example as well as them forcing us to listen to motivational speakers on road trips. Are there we go. I also learned it from ice skating though it was a high level comp competitive figure skater. Luckily, I had an amazing coach who taught me to treat my fellow competitors with kindness and that winning is about doing my personal best. I learned how to win and lose gracefully how many people Tom were so influenced by again, it's the authorities in life is the parents. It's the teachers. In this case, it's a coach. I mean, we hear it time and time and time again, all my gosh, how many movies have been made about a coach in a sporting relationship like this who has had a significant influence for better and worse as well. But I mean my gosh, it was so many Ziglar stories about that. I think recently I was listening to one and he was talking about Lou Holtz we sites so often, but these people who had massive influence and people's lives and my gosh, how many coaches are part of the Ziglar organization? You deal with tens of thousands of them. Are influencing people's like this is out pretending that they have. Yeah, I love. I love the whole mindset of coach, and I think in our relationships in the office and whatever we're doing in life, where the we view ourselves as a mentor as a coach as a leader kind of that that coaching. That coaching mindset that says, you know what? I want you to win in every area coach Holtz he talks about, I can't remember the official name at Notre Dame, but it's, you know, the kids, the managers who bring the water on the field. They all end up running multi million dollar companies later in life and what do they have in common? They put everything on the line to help everybody else perform the best. Isn't that a powerful thing? So that's that's a, that's a that is just an example in and of itself. And then when you have a coach that can point to this is the way you do it right, like Tony Cooper had and Tony's one of our certified trainers as well. And so I can hear her voice as she says. She's told me many times. Yeah, my parents made me listen to zig on these road trips, and so it's funny how I can't tell you how many, it's probably hundreds now of people who grew up in the automobile listening to dad because they had to. Now they think you know what? That's the best thing that could happen to me. Yes. Hey, that's my testimony. Man. I get to be a little. I'd be a little off off center as a kid, and I'd have to go get an attitude adjustment and listen to zig Ziglar. You'd think it would be terrifying to me at this point, but it worked worked, its magic. Well, here's a, we got a couple more here. Merle roar and I gotta make a call out to Moore who is just retired from. I don't know how many decades of serving at children's homes. These are with abandoned kids, one as a house parent along with his wife. One of the most thankless jobs, hard jobs, heartbreaking jobs that I can in devotion that I can imagine. And I saw it firsthand. I seen what they've gone through just a significant significant offering of lives. And he said he learned from his parents who used the bible as a guide. He says, I don't ever remember not having them in place..

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