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On the five again, Robin young back to Lincoln heights because they've got little close to yourself five at main street, all the lanes are stopped. They're trying to clear this crash. I was also reading that it might just be in the construction zone. Either way. It's a horrible dry from the one ten if you're trying to head south on the five through the Lincoln heights area. This guy sponsored by injury attorneys superwoman super lawyer dot com just has an update on sixty. Oh, boy, we've got a right to horrible. Here. Components. All we have major problems in industry. Now. Listen up that eastbound, eastbound, sixty at crossroads statistics bought all lanes are blocked. It's going to be that way for a while even westbound now we had a major problem there as well. But now settled down a little bit. But still the two left lanes are blocked now also close in the same areas north six oh five to the sixty now eastbound if you wanted to drive to the closer, you can get off at crossroads and back on again, but e sixty east to ten six fifty seven wide open the westbound ten by the way is only about maybe ten minutes faster and between the fifty seven six zero five long delays injured at an accident. Visit superwoman super lawyer dot com. Jeff, log KFI in the sky Dougherty on the westbound ten right at the six oh five stuck truck. It's in the middle traffic lane. So you're gonna find heavy traffic on the two ten also from the fifty seven see something you can call us the route saving you time. Traffic line is eight eight eight five hundred five thousand three KFI in the sky helps get you there faster. I'm robbing banks. This hour of KFI is brought to you by sunblock, solar and roofing for southern California. Mike trout and Colquhoun hit home runs for the angels against the Toronto. Blue Jays last night on the way to a six two victory and a series sweep halos off today. They begin an eleven game road trip.

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