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Get involved in politics. He was an outsider going into an insider's game, so a lot of people have found, you know a great deal of inspiration from that, and he speaks on Sunday. Lisa Thanks Evan an hour to the closed the Dow's down to 65. America's listening to Fox. He's lucky three w Y PC Mobile news on the level on the go well, you have to pay. More for a pack. Partly cloudy 46 degrees on Monument Circle. I'm rob content. Here's what's trending at 30 to the Indiana Senate may go double or nothing on a proposed cigarette tax hike. House Republicans tried to split the difference between supporters and opponents of the cigarette tax hike, trimming it from a dollar a pack to 50 cents. Senate President Pro TEM Rod break questions whether that's worth the trouble. 50 cents. I'm not sure it makes anybody happy. The advocates think that's too small of a job because people make Try to make that jump and not quit smoking or the youth will. Maybe you see that is doable and start smoking race as if the tax moves forward. It should be tied to specific health initiatives. House Bill puts the money toward Medicaid. It also attacks e cigarettes for the first time. Eric Bourbon 93 WNBC Mobile need. Police Can't release everything about an investigation. But the Indianapolis Metro Police Department is allowing some cops to talk about knowledge that's not widely known with some people. We really have empowered our commanders to have conversations to have intimate conversations. With community members about information that we may not release publicly, Deputy Chief Kendall Adam says. It's part of the way cops are building trust with the neighborhood, so they get back information that helps themselves crimes and ultimately cuts down on violent crime. Lucas Oil Stadium is starting to look a little bit different as workers there are getting prepped for the NC double a basketball tournament. Kurt Darling reports. The football field has been covered up and will soon have to basketball courts sitting on top Lucas Oil Stadium director Erik Neuberger tells Wish TV They will be essentially splitting the stadium into working operate like two distinct venues. And so you will see a curtain that separates the two courts along the 50 yard line, as well as other ways that we separate the concourses, he says..

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