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Two welcome back yard east lansing more deniers most here's thing cleveland say goodbye to have the basketball others a driving a foul call against michigan state well that's going to be on tom tom there and that's a third on tom maria on the bench is the other point guard led bang winston he has four can you believe obama issues willingness thing by forty seven points now it it's it's incredible and the great news they came out of the break out of halftime idle a lacquer continuing at this great pace well a free throws made by thomas who now is a forty six point lead that is his first point of the game becomes an averaging about five second shots away got both up he's got two so it's michigan state 73 cleveland sake twenty eight miles bridges over the tom jackson back attempts governor looks at cleveland satan zone again now playing a onetwo twozone we see them a lot when trump comes in the game jeff here's british wide over three balls short rebound hairston for cleveland state outlet pass the thomas thomas let's go to the basket but term cuts him off so bring a front in round order goes on the way with the basketball now is high smith being guarded by miles bridges when he guard you usually don't get much of a look no doubt about a nice job they're moving his feet and with that going right down the lane further tough rappers thomas you gotta picking godfrey and he's got four and he got that over the top adjourned jackson it now tom izzo after watching cleveland sake and a couple of free throws in that driving basket he wants to talk to his guys just for a moment where we have a moment well you're.

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