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His former fitness trainer we get the latest from ABC's Erin to Turkey the Allegheny county district attorney's office contacted Britney Taylor about her allegations against Antonio brown but determined they fall outside the statute of limitations in a lawsuit Taylor said brown sexually assaulted her in Pittsburgh where he played for the Steelers in June of twenty seventeen brown has denied it and has denied assaulting Taylor twice more in Florida a defense attorney said brown and Taylor had a consensual relationship the NFL has interviewed Taylor but it's not clear the league will pursue an interview with brown because right now there is no criminal investigation Aron Kader ski ABC news New York president trump ordering some new sanctions on Iran after the recent strike on Saudi Arabian oil facilities Iranian say they didn't do it more from CBS is the report on the president's signals he's willing to strike Iran if he feels he must we have to do something well do it without hesitation at the same time he sounds a note of caution it's very easy to start because his deliberation a great sign of strength Mr trump says a lot more to say about his plans in the coming days one option what he calls the ultimate. war but he's also looking at options he considers a lot less than that see what happens Stephen port no I CBS news the White House secretary of state Mike Pompeii in Saudi Arabia for talks with the crown prince there Mohammed bin Salman CBS in the coal Killian has some more on the trip by Pompeii aquaterra palm pale in did speak to reporters and briefly on his plana before landing in Saudi Arabia and he said that this was no running attack he said even if the who to use for a term referring to the you many rebels who did claimed responsibility for the attack even if their fraudulent claim was true it doesn't change the fingerprints of the Ayatollah unveils expected to the United Arab Emirates tomorrow president drop me time to DO see Robert o'brien as his new national security adviser Robert o'brien stepped into the role of national security adviser as the trump administration is facing several critical foreign policy challenges run in North Korea at the top of that list and just before president trump has to the United Nations for next week's major gathering of world leaders o'brien was out today by reporters what advice he is giving the president about the situation with Iran after the attack on oil fields in Saudi Arabia last weekend any advice.

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