South Carolina ready to renew abortion ban around 6 weeks of pregnancy after Senate vote


South Carolina's governor is promising to sign into law a ban on most abortions after around 6 weeks of pregnancy. The state Senate approved the bill Tuesday, and Republican governor Henry McMaster promised to sign it into law as soon as possible. The bill restores a 2021 ban that took effect when the U.S. Supreme Court overturned roe V wade last year, but the ban was overturned by South Carolina's highest court because it violated the state constitution's right to privacy. Republican state senator Richard cash. Certainly believed the majority of South Carolina's carolinians value life. Republican senator Katrina sheeley offered a 12 week compromise, saying 6 weeks doesn't give women enough time to make a decision. They've got their mindset what they want. They think they know what women want. Planned Parenthood South Atlantic says as soon as the governor signs the measure, it will file a request for a temporary restraining order. I'm Donna Warner

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