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He is joining us live from his car as usual on a Thursday night, chief Carolina what's up, bud. All we're doing good. Yeah. We got the car off us today. Just too many people in the main offense slamming, doors and talk and people in paperwork Russell around. This is a professional podcast in case. You guys did not know. That's why we need those five star reviews. It's very professional. I I'm worthless. Now, you guys you guys. Are you guys are telling people to five star reviews, you're making all the transitions you're plugging the guy like what what like I'm not good for anything anymore. It's I'm just trying to keep up with Craig. He really is a one man, and we all know this. He is the real renaissance man as everybody has now seen on Twitter. And I just gotta keep up. I'm trying to ride his coattails, even that's getting hard. I'm gonna have to call him the renaissance mad when he comes on here in a little bit. I guess I think that's got to happen. If you don't I'm going to be disappointed. I we're riding with this this he hates it. He hates being called the renaissance, man. So we have to it is our duty to to really really push this. I don't know why he's against being the most. Well, liked member of era Friday. Understand his issues with this. I know it's because he's perfect. And he's so perfect that he's humble I mean, that's it. He yet that must be he's the most humble, he's the most perfect. He can do a little bit of it. But he can do a lot bit of everything. So I mean, really do we want to spend this whole segment rampant up Creggan he's gonna be upset by but really enjoys it. We wanna talk football game. I don't I kind of would've just talk about Craig. But that's okay. So we're I've been we we started the mock draft we've already made pick twenty nine we tried to trade back, but we had to take Chauncey garner Johnson. And one of the things we decided to do we decide to move up and take a quarterback. So we traded pick sixty one ninety two in one sixty seven to the bills for pick forty in one eighty one in this mock draft scenario and. We kind of had two quarterbacks in that tier that we decided to kind of take a look at Justin lane and Imani or Awari. A we went with Justin lane. Why for you? Matty, do you go Justin lane over a Mani or? Yeah. I want to start with the big thing. Here is we decided to trade up because these corners that we kind of call tier two corners in terms of their talent level. They were coming off the board quick. So we didn't feel comfortable with getting one of them or let alone our choice, if we just sat still red at sixty one we already didn't have you know, I don't know what everyone felt about Johnson Gardner Johnson the first round. But that was definitely kind of a plan beef thing for me and the board just didn't fall in our favor there. So rather than risk that again at sixty one we went to make the move up for our guy. Our guy was just lane. I think of us on the guy that's pound on the table, the hardest adjusting lane in the draft room and the war room. I'm not a big Amani. You are a fan. I think he's good. I think there's high upside there, but it's just his demeanor. And some of his foot work is really scares me. I understand the Justin lanes got major footwork issues as well. But he's a little bit more aggressive. I like his play style a little bit more. And the upside just seems higher because he's so raw Amman he's had years the play corner and. Has got a little bit better. Not a lot. Justin lanes improved a ton in his few years playing only corner at Michigan state. I like his ability to play in zone, which I think the chiefs are gonna play a lot more of this year coming up with Spagnolo around. So he was the early pick for me. I love the ball skills. The lengthy athleticism. We as able to convince everybody else to go with a Spartan over alliance, which I think that's probably not the best move in nature on the football field. We're gonna take a green and white. And I liked Justin lane a lot..

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