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Jeff was Jeff was on an extended like tour and we were on the road. We did like a fun like string of of guest comptrollers Gilbert Godfried, and there was some. There was some really fun like lavar Burton was holy shit. Yeah, it was great. I mean, even with the married, Aaron, McAfee, yet he was like, he's like, I will. I'm coming to your wedding. I think we're just shit faced like you still feel a little shy go over to lavar Burton. Well, I'm, you know, he never came to my wedding's so so I saw that. I'm like, all right. Are we beefing. What if you Google me after that night coming your wedding, Google. I can see through my visor. This guy's trouble who who, who would you want to have as a guest comptroller if you had any Brandon Johnson green by default. If I if I was gonna. You were saying like, we had a great sweet who to sweet. None of all these fabulous people on my show comptroller. It was just so sweet. I don't know if that was the line reading. It was a lot. What made it sound like? It was lavar Burton? Yeah, he was hosting the show. I understand that I'm, I'm do you. Yeah, he did reading rainbow a lantern like all, like train conductor. It's not even lit. It's out of batteries out of battery. It's out. Okay, great. That's why you have it there. That's why I have it there to charge. Hey, Spencer, hey, man, check this out. Is it a little crate? Oh, yeah. And look, what's inside? Looks like a lot of loot. Yeah, man, lucrative. Salou crate is for pirates? No, no. It's for geeks and nerds, and just people who like cool thing. I'm looking at my very first lucrative my Lord and heaven, Rick and morning, monster tech thing. I've got a Harley Quinn notebook. I've got a t shirt of some sort of property that I'm sure it's super cool. I've got a monthly subscription box delivered direct to your door with exclusive pop culture, collectibles apparel and gear. Snap. I gotta wonder, woman pop socket. Yeah, that's because Luke Craig curates everything themselves. You can't find these items anywhere else, no matter where you geek out and how you geek out and what you get out about this is for you. How many crates have been sold? Would you ballpark? Don't make me ballpark. Like over thirty million. There's a t shirt and every crate, and also Luke pins. That's a, that's a monthly pin you get for me as a pin guy. I think. That's the most bang for your buck. You get a nice Penn. It's always gonna pay off. I don't stress anybody out Spencer because this podcast or a time to relax and listen to your friends, Jim Jabir, but the September crate has four incredible franchises, including Marvel's venom, alien predator and x. files. And this is going to sell out and you only have until Wednesday, September nineteen to get that crate, whoa, this crate will sell out. It'll sell out. You gotta get before. It's good for get the best surprises each month from the largest geek and gaming subscription company. Geek out in style with loot crates like Comecon on a bucks. It's like Comecon in a box..

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