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Mike is a corporate development and emanate professional with more than nine years of exposure to finance operations executive leadership departments of middle market companies today. Our discussion is about evolving. Your corporate development function mike to kick things off and he told me about a low and your role there halo brandon solutions are based out of a couple of hours outside of chicago. He's got offices all over. The united states promotional products distributor. So think about anything with a brand on it a mug a hat. A shirt tends chomsky items all sorts of stuff that you collect and gather stress all anything with a brand were the second largest player in the market but a twenty four billion dollar industry highly fragmented. I can't quote the numbers off the top of my head but something like a huge percentage of all the businesses and the space do less than a million in sales the Twenty four billion dollar industry. You've got a lot of small players. Mom and pop shops that distribute these types of products. So it's being number two in market share perfect situation for a roll up strategy being a platform in growing through acquisitions. That's a little bit about halo. I work in corporate development which is basically focused on mergers acquisitions strategic partnerships. Things like joint ventures. Although we don't do a lot of the ladder we'd do a lot of ama work at all falls within my purview. And it's a new role for us. The company is very old. It was that very old i mean. It was founded in the mid twentieth century and grew pretty well up until two thousand when they restructured the last twenty years of just really grown by leaps and bounds. Too great company. It's been great role you happy to delve in a little bit further into that keystone. You're the first higher on this team. Yeah that's right so maybe helpful. The mentioned that private equity owned fifth private equity ownership fund. Right now t p g growth that sorta led to my involvement with halos. Well they were a client. At william blair which i worked prior to being at halo. I was in the services and industrials group at eight year in investment banking. Worked my way up to william blair landed on the industrials and services group and sure enough..

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