Lane, Utah, Lankford discussed on MSU Basketball vs. Southern Utah


Lane did he waterways tan audit nice job of out of control by bridges getting up all the war award at seven forty six thirty three michigan state by 13 over south of utah we played two in the second half we as a gift to become away cowering are much there now goes over the aids goes rather ward shot misfires and make your gets three bannon we gotta whistle well that files going to go on aids but i want to talk about the defense of war he's doing a tremendous job europe started the secondhalf got a really commend him right now so four hates that's his third secondary's hap against children utah hey kunitz you'll come back then he will gather up rates rose three fouls seventeen fifty regard the michigan state drowning in other words quicker eighth straight five and i went home meaning serb in utah forty 633 on the way lankford admirable passwords of the cyber is intercept the by callaway here come the founder birds callaway gives you drew trailing barron now your gums a three ball up and sanders married handed over to mogamed drains it that's his first points of the game at the 10point dion are forty six thirty six flank realize it jump shot no it's a beautiful pass greater alive outlined drive cars download a nick warding slams it terrific passed by reading everyone thought he was going.

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