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And, that's fine that's not fine. No that's fine because then. The Phillies one exists for me in September It'd be like yeah, they Phillies. Play they still season so. On, what do you. Got Jack or. Come, on I hope spot gas either one that sounds good to me Similar yeah yeah. Sure for some other awards here the started. From. The bottom award given. To the players that were here and, then. The, water last year and it came out of nowhere. Three merged as a piece of the future potentially it goes to Michael Francke convinced Alaska's that is from well clothier wow. I cal- Franko walks away with. An. Award today I'm surprised that that. A, lotta Franco haters I'm not going to be the pats himself, on the back to the. Guy I'm not, going, to do that. Right Fritz was a pro. Frank fritzy okay was I was I got? Off the bandwagon a, little bit. But I'm back on now Here's the thing fritzy I didn't get off the bandwagon I, just stopped talking about right Yeah I'll say this about Velazquez always liked. It, yes I'm mildly surprised without. That he's done this this. Year, yeah he's been relatively. Healthy he's performed pretty. Well he's still too many pitches or, whatever but he's looked pretty good serviceable out. There, yeah I'm with you. On all. Right what? Else Jack the Meatball awards sponsored by. Glenn mcnall's meet Meatball madness for the player who throws the most meatballs goes to Adam. Morgan Oh my God yeah he should be the designated for assignment See that. As a. Good award right there. Meatball of war. He sucks I can't I can't stand. Morgan I really can't he does get on a roll though I will see this. Is a chance to second after he, could get it going but right. Now right, now in hammer Tommy hunter come into the game I I I'm ready to turn the channel. And, not watch. It. And and just play along on Twitter Anything else yeah, last one from Mike Sadler dodgeball. Is, hysterical, also a great movie should be ashamed of yourself John marks yeah well whatever to tell you Terrible terrible terrible terrible not funny say not. Funny it wasn't funny I'm in the minority eighty, percent on. Twitter. Say, that it was funny Matt. Now town that make it snappy Roma's outta. Here we got brother Matt Well I wanna say is I mean both players are, exceptional My career and I only, bought, three jerseys in my life our chase and Brian. Dawkins wow that every bought, and highest respect I. Play baseball I tried to tell them I game after, chase, and when I got football I played by talking to Who, wanted him and Jack Tatum it's my game around, without stopping on people's throats Jack Tatum yeah Jack, trading with. Nap Psycho but. His game was. Unbelievable right on you gotta be. Psycho to play football what about? A quick midseason award what do you have And I hope it doesn't because I would not be in the first place if it wasn't for. Lake hell Franko the Rodney. Dangerfield award respect. Who's had multiple games before the. Is when the team was hitting? And got them wins Come on now known Gabe Kaplan would. Win Rodney Dangerfield word I'm I'm happy Franck who's. Doing it or, whatever but he really he really He doesn't have, any respect Outdo sometimes right. Franco's picked it back up let's let. Him finish the season first before we go giving them no respect. Awards who needs Manny Machado Yeah. Really we got we got Mike Bronco at better numbers this, month Weedy, Mike. Mike in Philly you got thirty seconds what he got. Brother oh yeah I wanted to give up my last little quicker war I'm gonna give it to Scott Poonery giving. Him, the rookie that. I fear award reading the why getting this award His back turned out to be the process Okay Sure All, right Mike. Shortstop I. Can I know he's. Not I actually, said how does how does this team turn it? Around if they don't get a trade? King got to turn into a three hundred hitter around three hundred. Hitter Re and really stuck because for the. Most part. He's had a, couple of games he here and there I was expecting opposite..

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