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I also think perhaps it's important in finding different sources of of of meaning and purpose. i mean just. It's interesting one of the take sarah photo. One of the set of ideas in the book is the the papal encyclical released by the vatican by pipe francis about four or five years ago and not myself personally christian faith but i think there's a good deal of wisdom in that document and it concludes by saying that One of the different perspectives. One of the different sets of values. We need to think about is Apps a way of life that places a little more emphasis on caring for the places we live and a little less on the acquisition and consumption. How do we stop managing eko anxiety. I as you say this this recent. Ipc report has really highlighted that we are in the midst of this crisis and we only have to look at the fire raging across europe and in california and so on to genuinely feel frightened for our future. That's not particularly helpful. No i mean. It's understandable. I think i certainly talked to many friends and colleagues and particularly students and younger people talk about the deep distress when i see see the fires and floods around the world and they think about the future so i think increasingly these concepts of these feelings of climate grief. Echoing zaidi The concerns that people talk about. And i really respect the. The work of psychologists and health workers who have identify range of pepsi will golden coping strategies for dealing with immediate climate greif. And that that's most of all includes the the skill the art of on the one hand balancing our commitment to urgent action With an away in each of us kant alone solve such a vast and complex problem on. They'll talk about staying well informed while not being overwhelmed by social media in the twenty four seven news cycle and of course not being isolated and being able to share the concerns with trusted friends. And that's all important. And i think those immediate strategies for dealing with climate grief are important and we all drawer on various mechanisms. But i think this is. The book tries to build on that foundation because as the full extent and duration of the climate crisis becomes clearer. I really think that we need to not just focus on short-term emotional coping mechanisms but rohrer ideas about meaning and direction. And that's why. I've came to explore these logic questions of how do we navigate an increasingly halt and harsh climate world. And how do we have difficult. Conversations with people about particularly climate deniers Well as with any effective conversation. I guess the would. Respect is important and respectfully so i- pep back two points here. I think there's a lot of research. Of course that shows that There's a spectrum of views about climate change ranging from people who completely committed to Emergency speed action at the one extreme and people who are completely committed to denial the other. I must say in terms of focusing political I think i'd be cain to focus on people who are at least open to the idea. That action is required. So i think that's the first point. But i also think it comes back to my point about the example of working with call dependent communities in australia. I think you really got to begin by listening carefully to the the concerns. People have very real concerns about you. Know their livelihoods and and They families and the future employment. So that's not without anyway backing away from understanding and respecting the science. I think we need to find ways of working carefully and respectfully with people..

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