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I don't know the secretary Wass and I'm not going to get a job, So I'm in jeans. I've got a big Afro and I sit there because I'm not going to get a job very comfortable. And we talked for 2.5 hours. Then he says, you know, we might want to hire you Could really I said I wouldn't mind work at the Museum of History and technology, and he said to me, I don't have any jobs there really have a job of the Air and Space Museum. I said I'm 1/19 Century historian. I know nothing about airspace, my hate airplanes. And then he said, language that was so instructed to me as a secretary said young man, how much money you're making now, and I told him I said, you make four times that if you become and work for me at the Air and Space Museum, I said, I'll become an air and space employees. And that's really have my career began. By luck. You also met your wife there. Aaron Space was everything I met my wife there. I learned about how to be a curator there. I learned about the wonders of the Smithsonian. So for me, my whole life has been shaped in part by the Smithsonian. So you recruit away for a while to go to California Museum there. And what was that? I went away to run to be the first curial, California African American Museum was the first state funded museum that explored issues of race and I went there before the Olympics of 1984. So my big job was to do a major exhibition of history of blacks in the Olympics. You know, the Swiss. Toni taught me how to be a scholar didn't teach you how to be a curator came back. But then you recruit away to run the Chicago historical societies. He moved to Chicago. Is that right? That's right. I was I was at American history for 12 years. And wasn't going to leave and Chicago recruited me and I really wasn't planning on going. But I had a meeting with the mayor and the governor of Illinois, and they said This is a city that has been tortured by race. And if you could come and be the only African American running one of our major institutions and do well what an impact you could have and that appealed to me. You've been listening to Lonnie Bunch, Secretary of the Smithsonian on the David Rubenstein show appeared appear conversations. And coming up David Rubenstein's conversation with billionaire mark Cuban.

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