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Breaking rain over the weekend ascent floodwaters gushing through rural tennessee killing at least twenty two people. Grand gillespie is the police and fire. Chief of waverly tennessee. our search efforts are still underway. We have cruise The last couple of days that have been working along the banks and in the neighborhoods looking for victims rainfall more than tripled forecasts in shattered the state record for one day rainfall triggering the flash floods on saturday. The humphreys county sheriff's office facebook page filled with people looking for missing friends and family and go fund me pages asked for help for funeral expenses for the dead including seven month. Old twins swept from their father's arms as they tried to escape and the death toll in haiti continues to rise. As relief crawls forward world kristen flavin reports haiti's civil protection agency has upped the death toll from a powerful earthquake to more than twenty two hundred. Nearly three hundred fifty people remain missing relief. Supplies are still taking a very long time to reach those in need part of the problem. Gang roadblocks and vehicle hijacking forced aid groups to deliver supplies by helicopter this week. Haitian gang leader. Jimmy sherzer made a facebook video offering a truce and aid to the parts of the country. Hardest hit by the seven point. Two magnitude quake cherishes said in the video quoting here the jeanine revolutionary forces and allies will participate in the relief by bringing them help. We invite all compatriots to show solidarity with the victims by trying to share what little there is with them but his is only one of many haitian gangs and a previously reported gang. Truce produced little impact reporting for world. I'm kristen flavin. New york now has a new governor. Andrew cuomo officially resigned his office just before midnight last night. Komo's democratic lieutenant governor. Kathy hoke will is now the governor of new york on his way out the door cuomo took one last. Swipe at the state investigation that led to his ouster when government politicises allegations and the headlines condemn without facts. You undermined the justice system and that doesn't serve women and it doesn't serve men or society. Eleven women accused him of sexual harassment. And the state probe found those complaints to be well-founded cuomo continues to refute the findings of the investigation. He announced his resignation earlier this month. After state lawmakers made clear that they would impeach him unless he stepped down. I'm can't helping and straight ahead. Documenting abuse at government schools for native american children..

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