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A two thousand dollar donation from what was an internet company my private visted dot com exactly two thousand dollars to your qu then everyone else that's listening if they give five dollars to this and i wanna tell you where this really happen it's so much fun to read your gonna have an awesome time last year my sisterinlaw dr nor a disco biak who's a surgical oncologists at the university chicago hospital she participated as part of a group of doctors that that advance in she was amazing she was in this portal scourge he had a great time and here's the thing and and you know this if someone who's been on the radio for a long time we went and we had a table there we were supporting or a and a bunch of people that i didn't know came up to me and said oh my god i listen to you on wgn radio all the time you're sisterinlaw saved my life and it wasn't one person it was like half a dozen people cain and we get all wrapped up and all the things we think that are so important and i was sitting there with my chest pumped out thinking about the amazing work at my sisterinlaw door and all the people to work with cancer patients all across chicago lendu and they can't do it without the financial support of all of us so for i mean you know the five hundred people to listen to you on a daily basis by gone alert he's not expecting your he's not expecting ord ready checked you as eat the no no but my point is that if everybody just gave you five bucks you have twenty five hundred dollars before role comes on the air and especially since bob westerink is already on you only.

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