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Spencer's tv dot com 23 year old Phoenix man has died after tumbling almost 80 FT and Grand Canyon National Park officials say Jaquan Carter fell well day hiking on the South Chi back trail yesterday morning. No other details were released, but an investigation is underway. A report by the Arizona auditor general's office shows 13 Arizona School districts are at financial risk, including the Apache Junction Unified School District, the Isaac Elementary School District and the Murphy Elementary School District in the Valley, as well as the Tucson Unified School District. Those districts have been hit with problems that she's falling enrollment and need to spend more than they could take in the chairman of the state Senate Judiciary Committee has issued to subpoenas to Maricopa County supervisors. They seek images of all mail in ballots from the November election and a forensic on it. Voting equipment and software. Southwest Airlines is getting almost three dozen 7 37 Max jets through the end of next year. Airplanes began flying again earlier this month after being grounded for almost two years. This report is brought to you. By Ed Elman FINANCIAL ENGINES Are you prepared for retirement? If you're not sure, go to Ric Edelman dot com spelled out rice Delmon dot com Now. A check of traffic here Steep. Some high 17 North found their Union hills drive. We have an action it off right and slow traffic from Bell Road to 02 westbound at Center Parkway. There's a crash. That's off, right, actually a vehicle. Smacked into some debris..

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