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Probably probably. Brad driving in Ohio somewhere. Hello, Brad, go ahead. First time caller. Yes, I call longtime listener, I finally got through right? Thank you. I wanted to talk about the movie motel hell wonderful. Great. Maybe I was born in nineteen eighty one. So I'm coming up on thirty fifth. Birthday? And yeah, the time that, that movie came out, there was just so creepy to me means meeting hands gotta eat and seeing that John Lassen burger actually Samya role in it. John Ratzenberger is in a lot of films, you know as before cheers, you know, he was kind of like a bit player. He saw him see him in a lot of films. Yeah. That, that to me, I think I was six or seven when it came out. And it was just it was so creepy to me. You know, the idea of a family recipe sausage, made out of hitchhikers. Harry people up to their necks and harvested them. It was terrifying film, but very funny to very, very satirical, and smart really, if you watch it now, I mean, like when I was younger, it was it was just terrifying. But you watch it now it's very clever funny, you know, that part and you miss 'cause you're hiding your is most of the time. Oh, yeah. Thank you, gentlemen. Thank you. Great memories in hell. Hell. Who comes up with these things. What kind of a mindset that you have to be very intelligent, people very, very, very, very bored? Intelligent people. There was another one. I think it was based in Australia. I can't remember the name of it. Dark gone it. I think it was escape from wolf war, or something escape from. Whoa, whoa, wow. Find out that you, you got some doozy's man. We're going to have to compare notes. At some point, I gotta find the name of this one this, this was weird was about all these strange people, and they manufactured food. You can imagine what the pet food was right. It's like a corpse grinders. And if people came in there, they got trapped, but I gotta get the name of it. I'm pretty some pretty sure almost that name. Well, the corporate is a movie about that making cat food out of people, but I don't know if that's the movie you're talking about..

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