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This guy is a playmaker Quinton Nelson and Brayden Smith on their offensive line are both starting to me. They're both like assets. Whereas the Broncos have Bradley Chubb and Philip Lindsey who are assets, but who else is really kirtland suss. He's very the potential is through the roof. But he's got less than fifty percent. Catch rate. Philip Lindsey, right. Yeah. Philip Lindsey like is getting it done. What would you say about the Broncos? I know Bradley Chubb has come on. He's obviously they made a good pick there. But let's say they had taken Josh Rosen instead of Chubb where would this Clinton, and we get into different version of Josh Rosen because they wouldn't be encamped on one of the worst offense as we've ever seen. They didn't address the quarterback situation. And that's the one reason I think I mean Elway needed this draft and he really needed badly. But I still get stuck on these teams like the giants and Broncos that ignored the most important position. Yeah. I think I would have to save that for a few years to find out who Josh Rosen is going to be to this. I want an answer right now to this point sensor. I'm at west cardinals are not on this list. Because the rookies haven't really played that. Well, even though they addressed positions. Josh Rosen hasn't been an asset for the cardinals issue. All right quickly west the team on this list. That kind of intrigued you them. Rookie class. The assume when you did this you kind of went through all the teams, right? Did the worst rookie class so far? I like that to the Jacksonville Jaguars aren't getting much at all out of their rookie class. That's one team. Really some of the better teams. The Rams, of course, didn't have as many draft picks and they're not getting as much the chiefs aren't getting a ton from their rookie class. So I think those are like the ones where it's like, oh there isn't much there. The one intriguing team that is on this list. I think the Panthers who are now like you're seeing them hit their stride as they work in DJ more. Dante Jackson is Brian ball diggers pick for defensive rookie of the year. So far he tied for the lead in interceptions. So I think that the Panthers like they're being fueled by their young player. Retained my, you know, mocked mocked, but we were critical of mar them bringing back mardi Herni everywhere like built statues. Dave Gettleman, but they've got him into had a terrible your personnel wise with the giants and the Panthers. Has had a nice year since he's left. It's funny when you talk about these draft classes, and we have killed the giants, and rightfully so this is not worked out at all. If we just wait, though, if you just wait the giants, and I don't know enough about the college football seem to know if there's a star quarterback that they can get they're going to pick the best quarterback probably on the board or close to it. So maybe this time next year, they will have everything and they don't get any credit for Lucking into that quarterback because they're so bad at their job by point. I'm not saying they deserve credit. I'm just saying that. Might work in has played out for them. It might ultimately all work, right? Have Barclay and a quarterback they could build eight thought they were a nine win team. The fact that they were so wrong about their own team could end up saving them. The only problem for them to is. You're going to be compared whatever quarterback. It is. You've got Sam darnold plane in the same stadium for the jets that is an unpleasant concoction for giants. Darnold hits. That will always stick with them, especially if Barclay does that become a generational talent. When he hits well, the range of possibilities is they might find that quarterback next year in the draft or it could be twenty years like the Browns and the bills before they find a quarterback, right? All right. There you go. Check it out NFL dot com slash.

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