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Like I ended up getting checked by my school? And then that's when I found out the prayer to my left ear and so after that I ended up getting a hearing aid which I walk like probably like a year less like I ended up being like all of these questions about Ed kids. You don't want like cure at all. And so I I me Dylan would it? I mean much like every out or every time someone was like tiger him like what like Catholic. Work fulltime so sometimes. I just can't hear you like if you're on the wrong side and my left side obviously harder here on this side but Yeah mostly like getting people like I tell them they'd be like they kind of whisper in that era like like. I still can't quite hear completely but I've been cool about the I deal with like turning to my right ear or toes myself in a direction where I can hear you. Better Really had an impact me on the field too much during my college days because one of my teammates new so they knew like either yelp to call for most of the time are signals were hand signals. Anyway so I knew those from operative It's been like somewhat of a talent is not doing anything about they. I'll look for you normally and is it just. Is it just a loss of hearing or do you have any like tonight is where you get ringing in your ears or anything like that? So I think it's like the loss of here and I got a screen basis for the most part the trouble of people's voices so I always here we're talking about wouldn't be always like like Get like what they're saying. How did I mean? I think we'll like the rain doesn't happen everybody from time to time. Your ears ringing right. Yeah I WANNA say like I have that like medically I mean they do rings sometimes. But that's both of them. Gotcha Gotcha yeah really. I was just curious if it's something that impacted you on the field you know we're getting calls or getting you know audibles in defense alignments whatever whatever you know try to hamper Jer. Sounds like you got a good grip on it and you you got to figure it out. Yes so I think my last question here. Is You go through your your history your historical on your Tulsa Bio here and it goes through all of your different pictures so I have to ask. Are you going to keep growing out your hair or 'cause I've I've talked to a lot of dudes that you know. They'll they'll grow their hair out their entire college career and then they'll cut it when they get to the NFL. Are you keeping it are you? Are you cutting it off as actually crazy that you asked? That's been something I've been thinking about not just in quarantine something I'm thinking like. Now that's probably cut my dreads. How would look I? I've been seriously considering. I think I'm GONNA give it like after appointing. I really have my mind right on. Cut Them Up. I think my no. I think that's a good idea. I think you really got to get back into the world and let it ride for a little bit and think you know if you still want to chop it off after that and you do that But but don't make any decision once your. They'll get a haircut. I you know I got. I got just a couple more questions for you. We'll get you out of here. I'm just curious. Is there a you know? We talked about the turnover of the cowboys. Secondary You know bringing in some new coaches new new players new philosophies and taking the ball away but growing up watching football. Was there any defensive back? That's played for the cowboys. That you Kinda you know. Modeled your game after and maybe not even cowboy maybe somebody just in the NFL that you kind of model your game. After in Uganda you not copy their their tendencies. But you kind of model like I said modern game after his probably the best way to put it I'll be honest like No when I was when I was younger like I watched football from Tom. Tom Really didn't understand this. I was like I'll watch like my dad's beyond some I just like to hang out with my dad and like that but I didn't think I actually wasn't watching too much cowboys football too. But now new one Gotcha. Gotcha all right last question I got for. We'll get you out of here. Man is I like to ask this question in all our podcast. But you know cowboys nation. They're getting a new guy in the fourth round. Come in play cornerback. Maybe even some safety. I think that the fan base is extremely excited about what you bring the table with your physical and athletic traits. What are they getting in? Reggie Robinson own the field but also what are they going to get in? Reggie Robinson off the field you know doing work in the community or what. He's going to do off the field to help build that cowboys brand. I.

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